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Terms & Conditions

Guidelines on Using Services of the Website –

You are not allowed to make unlawful use of this Website; you must agree to the website terms of use.

The access to the website is free of cost for the users having internet access. However, we are not liable for any charges deducted for the internet services, hardware, or software cost.

The Company will not be responsible, under any situation, for any changes in the content related to the services and products, including but not limited to the damage, errors, or loss experienced while using our products, services, or resources.

CertoMeter is not liable for the faults and issues in the server or network beyond some limits.

We are focused to provide you continuous, uninterrupted, smooth access to our services, but we are not bound to do so with any obligation.

To access and use some of the sections of the Website, you will be required to log into your account. The Company have the full right to limit or block the access to our services for any user not following the conditions.


All trademarks, service marks and logos included on the Site (“Marks”) are the property of CertoMeter or third parties, and you may not use such Marks without the express, prior written consent of CertoMeter or the applicable third party.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

We respect the Intellectual Property and Copyright of others and the same we expect from our users –

The whole content of the Website is protected by the trademark and copyright laws. The owner of the trademarks and copyrights are certometer.com, its partners and affiliates. The material on the website including code, text, graphics, and software is owned by CertoMeter. No one is allowed to copy, modify, reproduce, or publish the content in any way.

We are not responsible for the content on other sites except our affiliates and partners, you may come across using our products or services. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the sites will administer the material on those websites.

You are not at all permitted to use any digital image, text, or logo from the website. To avoid copyright issues, written consent from the trademark owner is required. CertoMeter reserves all the rights to block the users who don’t respect and infringes the CertoMeter intellectual property.

Violation of Copyright or Intellectual Property Laws

We value and respect the intellectual property and copyright laws of others, and the same we expect from others. We may remove any material or access to the material on our website that we find may violate the copyright of others. If you observe that your work has been copied in any way that may cause an infringement of your intellectual property or copyright laws, please inform us with the required information, and we will act on the same.

Claim the intellectual property in written with physical or digital signature.

Description of how the material that you claim for infringement is being used by the website with detail.

Description of the copyrighted work that you claim for the infringement.

The contact details such as Email Address, Contact Number, and Address.

A declarative statement specifying that the information provided by you is accurate and the copyright claim you are submitting is on behalf of the owner.

You can also reach CertoMeter directly to notify your intellectual property and copyright claim by writing us at support@CertoMeter.com

Transaction Terms

You need to make a transaction to purchase the Website product or service. It is required to follow some terms and conditions while making a transaction with CertoMeter, these are –

If you want to make a transaction on CertoMeter website, you need to pay for the relative product or service.

You are liable to be attentive towards your payment details such as bill, taxes, and discounts.

To review your product purchase or transaction history, you can check the invoice.

Certain products may require your consent to additional Terms and Conditions before you make the payment.

We do not provide any kind of warranty with respect to any products or services sold on the Website. CertoMeter reserves all the rights to change or modify, to limit the product quantity or deny the service to anyone, without any prior notice.


CertoMeter Content

Except as may be otherwise noted, the information, materials (including, without limitation, HTML, text, audio, video, white papers, press releases, data sheets, product descriptions, software and FAQs and other content) available on or from this website (collectively, “CertoMeter Content”) are the copyrighted works of CertoMeter and its licensors/associated authors expressly retain all right title and interest in and to the CertoMeter Content, including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights therein and thereto. Except as expressly permitted in these Terms of Use, any unauthorized usage of the CertoMeter Content by anybody who is outside CertoMeter Management or anywhere outside CertoMeter website or event supported by CertoMeter, will be treated as the violation of copyrights and/or other applicable laws. The downloading or screen-recording of the content viz. videos, audio, text, html pages, mock tests, data-sheet and other content available on the website is strictly prohibited. Anyone found downloading or screen-recording of the content will be liable for strict legal actions.