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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03)

30 Questions |60 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 01
63 Questions |120 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 02
64 Questions |120 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 03
60 Questions |120 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 04
47 Questions | 120 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 05
62 Questions | 80 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 06
89 Questions | 180 Minutes | 7 Attempts available

SAA-C03 Simulation 07
58 Questions | 120 Minutes | 7 Attempts available


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The AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is a globally recognized cloud-based certification for beginners who are just starting to work with cloud services and are new to Azure. It verifies one’s knowledge about the core Azure cloud services and how those are provided by Azure.

If you are starting your career with cloud computing and Azure then aspiring for AZ-900 certification is completely worth it. It will help to build early foundational concepts of cloud concepts, security & networking concepts, and much more which will eventually add up to your resume. Earning the AZ-900 certification also helps to prepare for other higher-level role-based and specialty Azure certifications. Going for AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, in the beginning, is totally worth it.

Since it is a foundational Azure certification, it is considered relatively easier than other certifications provided one has cleared his/her concepts. With a well-defined preparation plan and the right guidance, anyone can earn AZ-900 Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals.

Unlike other Azure role-based certifications that expire within 2 years after completion, the AZ-900 certification is one of the fundamental Azure certifications and doesn’t expire. So once you are certified with AZ-900 you are certified for life. 

As the AZ-900 exam doesn’t expect an in-depth knowledge of the pertaining topics, dedicating few hours a week for 2 months would be enough to get ready for the exam. 

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