How to Study for (And Clear) Network+ Certification Exam

Your landing on this page means you are looking forward to working in your dream IT Company and determined to take the job role.

No doubt that your determination to start with the networking basics by taking the Computer TIA Network+ (N10-007) can be a valuable decision. This can help you to start your career and get placement in your dream company.

For everyone, CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification can be a profitable way to start their career in the IT industry. You can sit for the courses to seek out your career in the IT industry.

Since it is hard for any fresher to get a good job, with the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Certification, you can surpass the hurdles without even facing them. You can qualify for a range of positions upon completing this course.

Some of the most popular job roles include technician, network administrator, IT cable installer, help desk technician and general installer.

The course associated with completing this certification is developed on the knowledge and expertise of the user. This generally consists of operating systems and networks, establishing the fundamental skills which a candidate needs to move higher in their career.

This is the reason why there is a need for the candidates to focus on the exam objective to become a CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification holder.

This exam will become helpful for the candidates to describe concepts that are included in the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification.

This is done by implementing the complex remote environment. Besides, candidates will also acquire fundamental networking skills that feature networking devices like access points, remotes, switches, and a lot more.

Skill Gained With CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification In Any Professional:

  • Finding out the different ways to implement network
  • Ability to demonstrate the huge array of network media
  • Finding the basic theory of networking and the methods of network communications
  • Demonstrating the bounded network media
  • Checking the data delivery procedures and naming the IP/TCP
  • Precisely analyze the routing and the switching technologies
  • Finding out the elements for IP/TCP implementation
  • Network protection
  • Use network security
  • Differentiate the different sections of the WAN implementation
  • Learning the components that are primarily implemented in cloud computing
  • Finding components for implementing remote network
  • Manage the network
  • Provide instant support to the network problems

If you take a look at the analysis of the “Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report,” you can clearly find that the Network+ has been chosen and accepted by most. This has become a demanding CompTIA certificate worldwide.

Besides, this certification can become valuable when it is about improving the worth of candidates in the marketplace.

This certification work has living proof for the skills, capability, and knowledge of maintaining, operating, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network-related issues.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Details

In order to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification exam, the very first thing that you need is the exam details. So, this exam mainly consists of 90 questions with a total of 90 minutes. Here the candidates will be provided with the chance to drag and drop, attend the multiple-choice questions. This majorly consists of performance-based questions.

The prime reason for including the performance-based questions is to check the candidate’s ability to take up the subjects in the practical forum. These are majorly based on the virtual environment and simulations. You need to score 720 and above to pass this exam.

This certification exam has been further restructured and updated to be able to work on the updated networking technologies. This has been done by adding a few things to the course.

  • Critical security notion for improving the ability of the networking professionals to work seamlessly with the security practitioners
  • Including the best exercised and the service models for the cloud computing
  • Covering the updated hardware processes
  • Improved concepts to offer candidates the knowledge of working with sequences to uphold the strength of the network.

Who should prepare for CompTIA Network+?

  • The very first thing is anyone willing to get the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification can sit for the exam.
  • Next is, if you are willing to explore the career opportunities being a network technician, then it can be a great choice
  • Lastly, students who love to study networking

This certification is primarily for candidates who have always wanted to become a part of the networking domain.

Nothing can be more valuable than this certificate to enjoy a successful career. Passing this exam is a validation that the candidates have the basic knowledge of networking and are skilled in CompTIA N+.

Prerequisites of CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Certification

The best part about the certification courses is that you don't have to work years before taking this course. Any candidate willing to start a career in networking can take this exam for the certificate.

However, if you have six months of experience in the IT field, it can add to your study. This is because it helps to get a better understanding of the networking concepts.

As mentioned, even if you don't have any experience, you don't have to worry. Just make sure that you are preparing for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification. This can become beneficial to start a career.

Important Topics to Cover: A Course Outline

Before you start preparing for the exam, you must have detailed knowledge of the topics that you have to cover in this exam.

The course outline will convert the major domain and objective of this exam. Interested candidates can easily find the course outline. Since knowing the course objective plays a significant role, here we will discuss some of the prime exam topics.

DOMAIN 1: Networking Concepts

  1. Elaborating the use and basic purpose of protocols and ports
  2. Elaborating protocols. Devices, services, and applications at the OSI layer
  3. Understanding the characteristics and notions of switching and routing
  4. Configuring the components for IP addressing
  5. Compare the basic features of network technologies, types, and topologies
  6. Making use of the wireless configurations and technologies
  7. Understanding of cloud conceptions
  8. Demonstrating network service purposes

DOMAIN 2: Infrastructure

  1. Deploy the correct cabling solution
  2. Finding the correct placement of the networking devices on the network and their configuration
  3. Elaborate the constancies along with implement cases or the networking devices
  4. Elaborating the visualization purpose and the other technologies for network storage
  5. Compare the WAN technologies

DOMAIN 3: Networking Operations

  1. Deploy the correct cabling solution
  2. Finding the proper placement of the networking devices on the network and their installation
  3. Elaborate the ideas along with implement cases or the networking devices
  4. Elaborating the visualization purpose and the other technologies for network storage
  5. Compare the WAN technologies

DOMAIN 4: Network Security

  1. Elaborating the physical security devices
  2. Describing the access control and authentication
  3. Secure a wireless network
  4. Describing the most common network attacks
  5. Implement the network device hardening
  6. Solving and elaborating the purpose of the common mitigation techniques

DOMAIN 5: Network Troubleshooting

  1. Describe the methodology of network troubleshooting
  2. Making use of the right tool
  3. Ability to troubleshoot the issues with performance and wired connectivity
  4. Troubleshoot the performance culmination and other wireless connectivity
  5. Troubleshoot common issues with networking services

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Exam?

There is no single answer for this question as it depends on the individuals and their ability to take up the course materials.

If you know something about networking, how much ability do you have, and when are you confident to sit for the exam? Everything matters, and honestly, this varies from one person to another.

For example, you will find many training rooms that offer to teach for CompTIA Network+ in one week while others take several months.

If you are looking forward to learning independently, you will need from a few days to months. This totally depends on your ability to take the courses. If you have experience, it might take less time to grasp the study materials.

Even when there is no possible answer to this, we will always ask you to learn properly before sitting for the exam. The more you learn, the better are your chances to pass it.

We will offer a study plan for a few weeks. While it is lengthy, it can make sure you are covering everything required for the CompTIA Network+ exam.

Make Your Own Study Plan

It is strongly recommended to create your own study plan and follow it religiously. But just to make it easy, here we have prepared a study plan for 10 weeks.

Week Number Weekly Plan
Week 1 You should focus on covering the basics and get accustomed to the routers, networking, switches, firewalls, DNS, and DHCP
Week 2 Have a basic understanding of IPv4. You also need to start improving your knowledge of ARP and the OSI model
Week 3 This week, you need to focus on the IPv4 subnetting and NAT concepts
Week 4 Start to schedule the certification exam and stick to the schedule. Also, learn about routing, port bonding, and switch management concepts
Week 5 Starting paying attention to port mirroring, cabin and troubleshooting
Week 6 This week you have to pay attention to VPNs, WANs, and visualization. Also, get familiarized with IPv6
Week 7 This week learn the topics, namely network topologies, isolations, and infrastructures
Week 8 Now you have to pay detailed attention to the network security concepts, which comprises switch port security, DoS attacks, along with the other security techniques
Week 9 This is almost the end of the course where you should learn about Computer Forensics, Network Access Control Models, Labels, and a lot more. Once you have completed these topics, you are done with the course.
Week 10 This is the final week for making last-minute revisions. You can take the practice exams to understand your knowledge. Pay more attention to the weak points but don't forget to revise on the topics you love.

Study Material/Resources

The candidates must look for the guides and books on the website namely “Official CompTIA Content (OCC).” To help them towards a successful career here we have provided some of the best books for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) certification exam.

  • The Ultimate Guide by Rishi Latchmepersad, Glen D. Singh
  • Exam Study Guide n10-007 by Todd Lammle
  • Exam N10-007 by Craig Zacker (1st Edition)
  • Deluxe Edition by Michael D. Taylor, Anthony J. Sequeir (1st Edition)
  • All-in-one Guide by Mike Meyers (Seventh Edition)


CompTIA’s Network+ certification showcases that the candidate has the skill to install, configure and troubleshoot the primary networking. Even when it is one of the most complicated and challenging exams, proper knowledge and study materials can help pass marks and certificates.

So make sure to prepare appropriately and study elaborately for a better career. Once you get the certification, you can actually enjoy a successful career in the IT networking sector.

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