How to Prepare for the AZ-303 Exam

There is genuinely no point in questioning the credibility that Microsoft holds in the world. This single name has been unbelievably successful in its cloud computing venture with Azure.

They are among the top three names in the world that have been immensely successful in cloud computing and leading others in the same direction.

Besides, the offering of Microsoft certified professionals hold huge credibility in the market and ensure a long-term career in cloud-based jobs.

The Azure cloud certification can be a reliable choice for the companies to be assured of the employee since the model has constantly been changing to cover the new services and technology of Azure.

If you are here looking for the right source to prepare for the AZ-303 exam, then indeed, you have decided to take the AZ-303 exam. Therefore to help you find in details about it let us take a look into it.

Microsoft Azure AZ-303 Certification

Before you start preparing for the AZ-303 exam, there is a need for you to have knowledge of this exam.

You must know that the exam intends to test your expertise and skills as the Azure Solutions Architect. AZ-303 has replaced the existing AZ-300 exam to offer better knowledge and understanding to students about the current changes and advancements.

There is no denying that the AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam can be the right choice for the candidates willing to become the Azure Solution Architects.

The exam would check the person’s skills in some regions of Azure Administration, Azure Development, and DevOps. Therefore, the candidates must have the zeal to attain a career and take the responsibilities with a complete understanding of the path.

Exam Name Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
Exam Code AZ-303
Exam Duration 150 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Cloud Computing
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Delivery Method Testing centre or online proctored exam
Exam Fee $165 USD + applicable taxes
Exam Language English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Pass Score 700 (on a scale of 1-1000)

Who Should Take The AZ-303 Exam?

Someone who is working as an engineer or architect within the Azure environment must consider this to retain their place in the industry.

This can be beneficial for such people as they are already working in the technology and environment, which assures them of having some knowledge about it. Besides, taking this exam will reflect your credibility and ability to take up the senior roles and responsibilities with ease.

When a company is hiring for the role, they have a clear idea in their mind that the average salary of an Azure architect is more than $150K annually in the US. Hence no employer will be taking the risk of watching the resume that you might be able to work on it even when you have experience.

Therefore, when you have the AZ-303 certification in your resume, it immediately sets you apart from the rest of the people and removes the questions that employers generally have in their minds.

Upon passing the exam and being selected for the Azure Solution Architect role, you will need to handle the following functions.

  • Experience and knowledge of the IT operations like security, governance, disaster recovery, networking, budgeting, identity, data platform operations, and business continuity.
  • Managing and supervising the impact of decisions in every area of IT and assessing the overall performance.

What Are The Prerequisites of the AZ-303 Exam?

Before you choose to prepare for the AZ-303 exam, you must check the needs to sit for the exam.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the specific IT fields
  • Manage the decision in the overall solution
  • Advance knowledge and experience in the IT operation
  • Candidates need to have skills of experts level along with having experience in the DevOps processes and Azure development

Candidates can find the details of the exam on the official site. Remember that there will be performance-based questions that focus on the real-time technical scenarios that the Azure Solution Architects need to handle.

The exam will take place in English, and candidates must start preparing before they take the test. Remember having experience in the field can work as an added advantage in quick learning.

Is The AZ-303 Worth It?

One of the prime things that the IT professionals need to ask prior to considering a vendor-specific certificate is if the technology is worth learning.

However, when it comes down to Microsoft Azure, it is definitely a big yes. Azure has Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to offer that can easily fit in a range of governmental and commercial needs.

You will be in shock to learn that the market of global cloud computing is $330 billion and most companies are dependent on the cloud for their needs.

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services or AWS are the two market leaders when it comes to cloud computing.

It has been observed that Azure has been doing great in the past few years and has become an answer when it comes to innovation. It is becoming a competitor to its significant competitors or the service providers.

If you take a look at the global cloud provider, then Azure has overtaken AWS. A few years back, AWS had 33% of the share in the cloud market worldwide whereas Azure had only 15 per cent, less than half.

However, the current report indicates that AWS has reduced to 31% while Azure has increased to 20%. A hike of 7 per cent in such a short time is pretty impressive.

Most of the healthcare organizations that are at the enterprise level prefer Azure. Besides, in 2020 healthcare organizations is probably one of the most hit economic sectors, which rose beyond explainable.

Therefore in such a situation, taking the AZ-303 course can be an excellent choice for a great future. Holding one such certificate not only improves your expertise but also expands your market choices as Azure cloud is everywhere.

Skills Required For AZ-303 Exam

Candidates who are taking the exam must have the expertise in implementing and designing a solution that can run smoothly on Microsoft Azure.

This will include network, storage, computing, and security. The candidates must have the skills of intermediate level for administering it. Candidates need to have an understanding of the DevOps processes and Azure development.

  • Some of the most common responsibilities of the Azure Solution Architect include offering recommendations to the stakeholder and transforming business needs into scalable, reliable, and secure cloud solutions.
  • The Azure Solution Architect has to partner with cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement solutions.
  • Candidates who want to take the exam must have advanced knowledge and experience in IT operations. This includes security, governance, disaster recovery, networking, budgeting, identity, data platform operations, and business continuity.
  • The candidate needs to have the ability to manage the decision so that it can affect every area. Besides, having experience and skills of expert level with the DevOps processes and Azure development is a must.

Below is the weightage of the skills that exam AZ-303 verifies of an individual:

  • Implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure: 50-55%
  • Implement management and security solutions: 25-30%
  • Implement solutions for apps: 10-15%
  • Implement and manage data platforms: 10-15%

Exam AZ-303 Course Outline

Domain 1: Implement and Monitor an Azure Infrastructure

1.1 Implementing cloud infrastructure monitoring

  • Monitoring Security
  • Monitoring Performance
    • Configuring diagnostic settings on resources
    • Creating a performance baseline for resources
    • Monitoring for unused resources
    • Monitoring performance capacity
    • Visualizing diagnostics data using Azure Monitor
  • Monitoring Health and Availability
    • Monitoring networking
    • Observing service health
  • Monitoring Cost
    • Monitoring spend
    • Reporting on spend
  • Configuring Advanced Logging
    • Implementing and configuring Azure Monitor insights, including App Insights, Networks, Containers
    • Configuring a Log Analytics workspace
  • Configuring logging for workloads
  • Initiating automated responses by using Action Groups
  • Configuring and managing advanced alerts
    • Collecting alerts and metrics across multiple subscriptions
    • Viewing Alerts in Azure Monitor logs

1.2 Implementing storage accounts

  • Selecting storage account options based on a use case
  • Configuring Azure Files and Azure Blob storage
  • Configuring network access to the storage account
  • Implementing Shared Access Signatures and access policies
  • Implementing Azure AD authentication for storage
  • Managing access keys
  • Implementing Azure storage replication
  • Applying Azure storage account failover

1.3 Implementing VMs for Windows and Linux

  • Configuring High Availability
  • Configuring storage for VMs
  • Selecting virtual machine size
  • Implementing Azure Dedicated Hosts
  • Deploying and configuring scale sets
  • Configuring Azure Disk Encryption

1.4 Automating deployment and configuration of resources

  • Saving a deployment as an Azure Resource Manager template
  • Modifying Azure Resource Manager template
  • Evaluating the location of new resources
  • Configuring a VHD template
  • Deploying from a template
  • Managing an image library
  • Creating and executing an automation runbook

1.5 Implementing virtual networking

  • Applying VNet to VNet connections
  • Implementing VNet peering

1.6 Implementing Azure Active Directory

  • Adding custom domains
  • Configuring Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Implementing self-service password reset
  • Implementing Conditional Access including MFA
  • Configuring fraud alerts
  • Configuring verification methods
  • Implementing and managing guest accounts
  • Managing multiple directories

1.7 Implementing and managing hybrid identities

  • Installing and configuring Azure AD Connect
  • Identifying synchronization options
  • Configuring and managing password sync and password writeback
  • Configuring single sign-on
  • Configure Azure AD Connect cloud sync
  • Using Azure AD Connect Health

Domain 2: Implement Management and Security Solutions

2.1 Managing workloads in Azure

  • Migrating workloads using Azure Migrate
  • Implementing Azure Backup for VMs
  • Applying disaster recovery
  • Implementing Azure Automation Update Management

2.2 Implementing load balancing and network security

  • Applying Azure Load Balancer
  • Implementing an Azure Application Gateway
  • Implement Web Application Firewall
  • Implementing Azure Firewall
  • Implement Azure Firewall Manager
  • Implementing Azure Front Door Service
  • Apply Azure Traffic Manager
  • Implementing Network Security Groups, Application Security Groups and Bastion

2.3 Implementing and managing Azure governance solutions

  • Creating and managing a hierarchical structure that contains management groups, subscriptions and resource groups
  • Assigning RBAC roles
  • Creating a custom RBAC role
  • Configuring access to Azure resources by assigning roles
  • Configuring management access to Azure
  • Interpreting effective permissions
  • Setting up and performing an access review
  • Implementing and configuring Azure Policy
  • Implementing and configuring Azure Blueprints

2.4 Managing security for applications

  • Implementing and configuring KeyVault
  • Implementing and configuring Azure AD Managed Identities
  • Registering and managing applications in Azure AD

Domain 3: Implement Solutions for Apps

3.1 Implementing an application infrastructure

  • Creating and configuring Azure App Service
  • Creating an App Service Web App for Containers
  • Designing and configuring an App Service plan
  • Configuring App Service
  • Configuring networking for App Service
  • Creating and managing deployment slots
  • Implementing Logic Apps
  • Implementing Azure Functions

3.2 Implement container-based applications

  • Creating a container image
  • Configuring Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Publishing and automating image management by using the Azure Container Registry
  • Deploy a solution on an Azure Container Instance

Implement and Manage Data Platforms

4.1 Implementing NoSQL databases

  • Configuring Azure Storage account tables
  • Selecting appropriate CosmosDB APIs
  • Setting up replicas in CosmosDB

4.2 Implementing Azure SQL databases

  • Configuring Azure SQL database settings
  • Implementing Azure SQL managed instances
  • Configuring HA for an Azure SQL database
  • Deploy an Azure SQL database

Microsoft Azure AZ-303 Preparation Guide

The Microsoft AZ-303 is an expert-level certification. Since the curriculum has constantly grown from the initial days, it requires complete attention to prepare for the exam.

Therefore before you start looking for the exam materials and links, you must try to check the way it has been divided into 4 different areas. Make sure you check the weightage it holds and prepare accordingly

You must follow the percentage to understand the way the tests have been divided. It, therefore, means that you should expect that number of questions from the particular topic when you sit for the exam. Consequently, this will help you to plan strategically.

  1. Learning Portal For AZ-303 Exam
  2. You can find the details about it in their official portal, and it can be a great point to start the preparation for the AZ-303 exam. While you prepare for the exam, you might need to check the portal several times, as it has the study materials required to prepare for the exam.

    You can find the links to the exam, the basic requirements of the exams, skills, and other knowledge about the exam. However, there are many other learning portals available these days, but to stay authentic, it is mainly suggested to follow the official website of Microsoft.

  3. Get The Online Courses
  4. If you are looking for instructor-led training, you will find them in detail in their official portal. You can find the portal for AZ-303, and there you can check the online courses that can even offer a better way to prepare for the course.

    The total training has been categorized into 6 different modules to help candidates prepare for the exam in a strategic and better manner.

    Therefore if you find instructor-led training to be beneficial for you, you can choose the official website. In case it is not affordable for you, there are many online courses available that you can choose for the training.

  5. Official Microsoft Documentation
  6. We all know the importance of the official documentation of Microsoft. It remains unquestionable if the documentation can be beneficial. You can find a vast range of whitepapers offered by Microsoft and journals on the topics of the AZ-303 exam.

    Following these resources can be beneficial as you can acquire practical insights into the technology.

    This can become helpful for you to understand the practical tasks, which can alternatively influence in preparing for the exam. The most crucial facet is that candidates will be able to acquire unique opportunities for getting a deeper understanding of the implications.

  7. Taking Practice Tests
  8. There is no doubt that you need to assess yourself before you actually sit for the exam. Taking the practice tests can be a lot beneficial as it offers you an opportunity to acquire an understanding of the test. You will be able to understand the type of questions and how much time can be given to every question.

    Besides, it has a lot to do in boosting your confidence level. The most interesting aspect about the practice test is that this way, you will be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing the test result, you can start making robust preparation for a better result in the final exam.


So now that you have got some idea about the AZ-303 course, you can definitely start preparing for the exam.

Besides, all you need to keep in mind is the responsibilities that you require to take after holding the certificate.

No wonder that you will be provided with a handsome package, but you need to deal with some uncertain situations about the exam objectives. Besides, being a responsible person, you have to keep an eye on the updates rolled out by Microsoft.

If you are ready to take the responsibilities, you are all set to go. However, make sure that you are practising and not looking for any shortcuts.

This is because Azure is a vast technology, and the exam will scrutinize every detail of your credibility before you get the certificate. So start your journey from now so that you can see yourself working as the Azure Solution Architect in a leading company.

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