How to Prepare for AZ-400 Exam- Study Guide

With the evolving technological era, Microsoft is continuously modifying its learning programs to help students keep pace with the demands of the IT environment.

In addition, to cope with the dynamic business landscape, traditional software development has undergone radical changes in every aspect in the last couple of years.

Consequently, DevOps has reframed today’s IT sector with its groundbreaking philosophy. Over time, the demand for DevOps engineers has increased in the IT industry. After that, most engineers have preferred the DevOps career because of its long-term success and growth.

Microsoft has been offering Exam AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions, suitable for working professionals in this domain.

The aim is to combine people, technologies, and processes to continuously deliver products and services to meet necessary business objectives and end-user requirements.

Introduction to AZ-400 exam

A combination of development and operations, DevOps is an application in software development that received worldwide recognition. It helped to establish a different affiliation between development and IT operations.

DevOps’ primary motive is to strengthen the established relationship between IT operations and development. Usually, the candidates for the AZ-400 exam are DevOps professionals.

AZ-400 Exam Details

Exam Name Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
Exam Code AZ-400
Exam Duration 150 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Cloud Computing
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Delivery Method Testing center or online proctored exam
Exam Fee $165 USD + applicable taxes
Exam Language English
Pass Score 700 (on a scale of 1-1000)

Who should take the AZ-400 exam?

The AZ-400 exam is a part of Microsoft's latest role-based certified program. A candidate who possesses a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification or Azure Developer Associate certification can take the exam.

Clearing this exam, the candidates will earn the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification, which is also Microsoft certified. The Microsoft certified DevOps Engineer expert certification was created keeping in mind the skills of DevOps engineers. It combines both technical and human sides.

The Azure Developer Associate is the final point for engineers preferring to work solely with technology, requiring little human interaction.

The DevOps Engineer Expert certification by Microsoft is suitable for DevOps administrators and managers. The emphasis is on DevOps aspects like process and business use.

Proficiency in administration in the technological area is a must for this certification as desired by Microsoft.

DevOps Engineer Expert cert is aimed at DevOps architects. Architects bridge the gap between technical designs and user needs, creating a natural fit for DevOps.

Simply put, individuals who are capable of taking the AZ-400 exam are:

  • IT professionals are solely preparing for the AZ-400 exam.
  • IT professionals who are willing to become Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

In the end, it's all about what kind of career an individual wants for themself. Accordingly, their Azure certification can be matched along the way.

What are the Prerequisites for the AZ-400 Exam?

To become an Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, certified by Microsoft by clearing the AZ-400 exam, the fundamentals of Azure must be first made clear to the candidates. Then, according to Microsoft, an individual can apply for the Azure engineer expert certification under the following circumstances.

The individual must already possess an Azure developer or an Azure administrator certification.

If the individual is new to the world of Azure certification, they must first opt for the AZ-900 exam, which is mainly focused on the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure.

After the first fulfilment of the first criterion, individuals can quickly move towards Associate-level Azure certification by Microsoft to become an Azure administrator or Azure developer.

The Microsoft Azure administrator associate certification is known as the AZ-103 exam. On the contrary, the Microsoft Azure developer associate certification is known AZ-203 exam.

Individuals can choose either of the two exams can be chosen by individuals for attaining the eligibility to sit for the AZ-400 exam to become a Microsoft certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert. However, every candidate must be well versed in Azure applications before appearing for the Microsoft AZ-400 exam.

Is the AZ-400 Exam Worth it?

Depending on an individual's career goals, every Azure certification certified by Microsoft seems to hold inherent value towards their future career development.

For people preferring IT administration or software development, the right stops would be at Azure administrator or developer certification, respectively. However, if the individual desires to use the amalgamation of both worlds, it is worth passing the AZ-400 exam.

Skills Required for the AZ-400 Exam

As per the guidelines of Microsoft, building the following skills is necessary for partaking in the AZ-400 exam.

1. Instrumentation strategy development

  • Logging designing and implementation.
  • Telemetry design and implementation.
  • Integration of logging and monitoring solutions.

2. Site reliability engineering strategy development

  • Development of an actionable alerting strategy.
  • Designing a failure prediction strategy.
  • Health check designs and implementation.

3. Security and compliance plan development

  • Designing authorization and authentication strategy.
  • Sensitive information strategy designing.
  • Development of compliance and security.
  • Designing government enforcement mechanisms.

4. Source control management

  • Development of a modern source control strategy.
  • Planning and implementation of source code branching strategies
  • Repository configurations.
  • Integrating source control with appropriate tools.

5. Collaboration and communication facilitation

  • Communication of release and deployment information with business stakeholders.
  • Generation of DevOps process documentation.
  • Automating communication with team members.

6. Continuous integration implementation and definition

  • Automation that is design-built.
  • Designing package management strategy.
  • Designing application infrastructure strategy.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the build strategy.
  • Designing a process central to the organization for standardizing the builds.

7. Constant delivery and release management

  • Development of deployment templates and scripts.
  • Implementation of an orchestration automation solution.
  • Planning the deployment environment strategy.

How difficult is the AZ-400 exam?

Attaining a Microsoft certified Azure administrator or developer certification is not an easy job. However, it is the dream of every engineer to be a Microsoft-certified Azure professional.

Keep in mind the difficulty level of this exam. Starting from novices in Azure learning to DevOps professionals will be competing for the positions held by this exam.

The AZ-400 exam is a lot harder compared to regular competitive exams at the national level. Therefore, candidates must put in a reasonable amount of effort, dedication, and hard work to level up their preparations and ace their exams.

The exam consists of 40-60 multiple choice questions that need to be completed within 150 minutes. It comes in four different languages, namely, English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Each candidate needs to receive at least 700 points or more to pass the exam.

Microsoft Azure AZ-400 Preparation Guide

1. Visit the official Microsoft page

On the learning page of Microsoft for the AZ-400 exam, all preliminary exam details are written that must be followed before appearing for the exam.

It includes basic information about the exam like the skills assessed, exam study groups, and exam prerequisites, to name a few. In addition, any change in exam schedule or a module is featured on this page or its linked pages. The link to the exam schedule is available only on this official website.

2. Periodicals and books

Having a reliable book in hand to prepare for AZ-400 eliminates several other reserved options for exam preparation. It is the most widely recommended option of the lot. However, it may occur that the right book isn’t around the corner.

In that case, having practice books with questions for the exam can help the candidates with their exam preparation.

3. Microsoft documentation

It is an excellent alternative to learn in detail about web portal navigation, pipelines, Azure test plans, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, and tools related to Azure DevOps. Besides comprehensive dashboards, analytic solutions and public projects are accessible.

4. Azure papers

Whitepapers, analyst reports, and ebooks can be accessed from the Azure page, which can be freely downloaded using individual Microsoft credentials.

5. Joining training courses

Instructor-led training is high on demand. Live training and flexible training courses are available for individuals to study at their convenience.

6. Study groups and forum

Forum and discussion groups are best for brainstorming, aiding in AZ-400 exam preparation. Candidates can find solutions for their doubts and queries from these community groups.

7. Online free practical test resources

Taking practice tests at the preparation level is a good source for the real exam. Candidates can get familiar with the existing exam pattern, be confident, and learn from their mistakes at the introductory level.


Appropriate and certification will have a lifelong impact on your career as a DevOps expert. This article offered a complete view of the AZ-400 exam, emphasizing its necessity, skills required, prerequisites, difficulty level, as well as its preparation guide.

Microsoft DevOps Azure solutions AZ-400 certification is the final step to becoming a DevOps engineer expert for advancing in a career. Hone the skills necessary for becoming the same.

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