How to Prepare for AI-900 Exam- Study Guide

As the use of technology increases day by day, there are new modifications in software and learning programs to prepare students for any demand from the IT companies and MNC.

For example, Microsoft has brought in a considerable change in its software development. It has offered exams like AI 900 suitable for candidates in this domain.

AI 900 exam is a huge opportunity to prove your knowledge in common AI and ML workloads and implement them on Azure.

Students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds can attempt this exam. Software engineering or data science degree is not mandatory for this. Little knowledge of general programming is recommended.

Is Microsoft Azure AI fundamental (AI-900) exam vital to you? Are you wondering how to prepare and pass it? Do you want to know some tips and tricks on it? Then, check out our article to learn more.

AI-900 Exam Overview

AI 900 exam is a certified fundamental level for AI that Microsoft provides. This is framed so cloud architects can boost their Ml and AI applications proficiency.

Besides helping in strengthening the basic concepts of AI and Ml workloads, it helps in understanding the implementations in Azure.

Candidates who will pass this AI 900 exam shall earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamental certificate.

Microsoft helps candidates to get certified in their learning pathway. This allows students to develop concepts in a step-wise arrangement. These are the modules that candidates can polish their skills on:

  • Beginning with knowledge on artificial intelligence on Azure
  • Build zero code, accessible models, with the help of Azure Machine Learning
  • Knowing more about Microsoft Azure’s computer vision.
  • Exploring conversational AI and natural program language processing.

After passing the exam, students shall prove their professional competence in the main subjects, including areas covered in other Microsoft exams.

Finally, students can create a career with the Microsoft Windows OS on developing applications.

In the AI-900 exam, students are expected to project their knowledge on standard Ml and AI workloads and implement them in Azure.

AZ-400 Exam Details

Exam Name Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
Exam Code AI-900
Exam Duration 60 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Cloud Computing
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Delivery Method Testing center or online proctored exam
Exam Fee $99 USD + applicable taxes
Exam Language English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish
Pass Score 700 (on a scale of 1-1000)

Who should take the AI-900 exam?

It is said that AI 900 exam is for everyone who is looking forward to applying for it. Irrespective of your educational background, i.e., technical or non-technical, you can sit for the exam.

Any prior data science degree or software engineering experience is not necessary. This is an essential exam as this is a stepping stone in achieving Azure's role-based certifications. They also sometimes include Azure Data Scientists associate and Azure AI Engineer associate.

Ai 900 exam is an ideal choice for project managers, salespeople, and managers. These also include the ones who supervise technical experts but lack a solid technological background themselves—for example, AI-900 for Systems Administrators, AI-900 Network Administrators, AI-900 Sales Specialists, etc.

What are the Prerequisites for the AI-900 Exam?

Azure AI Fundamentals exam has very few prerequisites. As you have previously read, the exam is for both technical and non-technical students. Basic knowledge and certification in machine-level language and artificial intelligence are required.

As the exam is mainly based on fundamentals of Artificial intelligence, the prerequisite of some knowledge on AI is natural. Most of the students fulfil this prerequisite as Artificial intelligence is a common area in this field.

The second prerequisite is a general idea of machine learning. Machine learning is also a common area and an essential backbone of applications and artificial intelligence's improvement. Hence, common knowledge on machine learning is necessary.

Some basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure AI services that can be used to build new artificial intelligence solutions is also necessary. In addition, the primary programming language is also required as AI deals mainly with programming computers.

Is the AI-900 Exam Worth it?

Many people ask this question if having the AI 900 exam worth their time and effort. As you know, the Microsoft verified certificate has a lot of weight and advantages, but still, some candidates are reluctant about taking the exam.

Let us see which of the three categories given below you fit in. Then you can decide how much it is vital for you.

  • You are presently working regularly with Azure-based AI and machine learning. In this case, you have an option to take or not to take the exam.
  • You are connected with machine learning and AI technology but not professionally yet. In this scenario, you must take the exam and get certified by Microsoft: Azure AI Fundamentals for your benefit.
  • You are not working now at Azure or AI and machine learning. However, you have plans to take it up in your career. If there is any chance of you being connected with this in your career in the future, then passing this AI 900 exam will be the wisest decision for you.

Once you clear the AI 900 exam, you can apply for various posts. With time you can move on to becoming a successful Architect or Azure Administrator.

If you are already in an IT company, this certificate will yield you a more significant position. If you are a newbie, this creates a substantial impact on your resume and gives a stiff graph to your career path.

Skills Required for the AI-900 Exam

As per the guidelines of Microsoft, there are specific skills required for appearing in the AI-900 exam. Given below are the skills and details that students need to know before appearing for the exam.

1. Fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure (30-35%)

  • Identifying the standard machine learning types
  • Identifying core tasks required in creating the machine learning solution
  • Describing core machine learning concepts.

2. Artificial Intelligence workloads and considerations (15-20%)

  • Identify guiding principles for responsible Artificial Intelligence
  • Identifying the features of typical Artificial Intelligence workloads
  • Describing the capabilities of no-code machine learning with the help of Azure Machine Learning

3. Features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure (15-20%)

  • Identifying the features present in common NLP Workload Scenarios
  • Identifying the Azure tools and their services for NLP workloads

4. Features of computer vision workloads on Azure (15-20%)

  • Identifying the common types of a computer vision solution
  • Identifying the Azure tools and services for computer vision tasks

5. Features of conversational AI workloads on Azure (15-20%)

  • Identifying common use cases for a conversational Artificial Intelligence
  • Identifying the Azure services for conversational Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Azure AI-900 Preparation Guide

For solid preparation for the AI-900 exam, follow these guidelines.

1. Microsoft Documentation

One of the most critical learning resources for this exam is Microsoft documentation. All possible information is available here. In addition, all types of topics required for the AI exam are available here.

2. Microsoft Learning Platform

Microsoft has many learning paths for students. Students can check out their official website. Many learning paths and documentations for this exam are available on their platform. It is a faster and easy way to find relatable study materials.

3. Test Preparation and Online Tutorials

Azure online tutorials help in enhancing your concept and increasing the depth of your knowledge on Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals 900. They cover all exam details and policies. Hence, students can strengthen their preparation with the help of their online tutorials.

4. Instructor-Led Training

All types of training programs are available on Microsoft's official website. Among them, Instructor-Led training is a very significant resource for preparing for your AI-900 exam. It is also very high in demand. The training is live and flexible for all categories. In addition, it is available for individuals at their ease.

5. Practice Tests

Try attending practice tests. Practice tests help candidates to know how much they are prepared. Students can learn about their weak portions and prepare accordingly. You will find many practise papers available on the internet now. You can choose from any site and solve. Practising test also helps get familiar with the exam patterns, questions; it helps to be confident with your paper.

6. Study groups and forums

Group discussions are best if you are looking for some brainstorming sessions. In community groups, students can find solutions to their queries, provide their views and opinions, and learn new things.

The duration to prepare for AI 900 exam depends from student to student. An average of four to six months is required to master the necessary skills to sit for this exam completely.

If you already know about Artificial intelligence and machine learning, then you might require a shorter period. For best preparation, students need to follow all the above study guidelines and practice more. More practice will help in achieving more perfection in their paper.


Azure AI Fundamentals exam AI-900 can be an essential certification for your career as it is certified by Microsoft. THE Azure AI Fundamentals exam is easy to crack if you have primary programming language, AI, and ML concepts. Proper preparation with the help of samples, test papers and practise sessions will make it easy to crack AI 900 exam.

This certificate will eventually help you create a great impression on your resume and career in the long run.

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